Speedriding for beginner

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Speedriding for beginner

Submitted by SkykidDenmark


OK here i go, I apoligize for my english, it's not that good

I would like to get into speedriding this season, and I am going to a course in val dieser with UCPA. I'm gonna have 23 hours practicing with an instructor in week 2.
I am going for another three skiholidays (3 weeks), and would like to have my own wing.

I have experience with skydiving, 150 jumps in a 170 sqf. Will maybe have more jumps when I go for my speedriding course.
Also I have been skiing for 10-14 years, and see myself as an excellent skier.

As I see this sport as dangerous, and I have deeply respect for it, and I'd like to have a good start.

I have considered a:
Niviuk Skate 12m^2
Swing spitfire 11-13m^2
Maybe a Gin Glider Nano 12m^2

I am 1,83 Meter high and weigh 70 kg, so I haven’t have a aggressive wing load.

It will be great if you guys also can give a guess about how fast I will fly, find it hard to find out what speed I am going to fly with.

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Danishskydiver (not verified)

Hi OP.

I don't know if this topic is dead or not.

But I was at a UCPA speedriding course this year in the second week og januar.
At the time of the course i had around 190 jumps in a 170 sqft. Today I'm flying a 135 sqft sabre 2 and has around 240 jumps. 
But at the UCPA center i flew Gin nano 12,5 m^2. Im myself is 192 cm 75 kg's. I had lots of fun in the gin and managed to get some nice flights in it. One of my freinds had a niviuki skate 12m^2 with him. From what i learned is that he had to fight a bit more with the skate than the nano to getting started. But once he learned the trick it wasn't a problem anymore.

I myself has just ordered an 12m^2 nivuki skate, and is hoping to get in within the next 2 weeks. We are planning a trip again this christmas. We are heading of the 22 december and back home the 30th. 

But about other danish speedriders, i only know Thomas Vince. And then there is niklas pedersen who is a paraglider and probaly got some skills in a speedrider. But there is this topic for us danish speedriders on facebook:



Submitted by Anonymous


nano 12.5 has been great for me to learn speedflying/ riding on



Submitted by SkykidDenmark



Thanks for you answer, I will not go for the spitfire.

The websites i have been looking at is:
And they wright i should go for 13m2 as a beginner wing, but it is always good to have some other opinions.

But what about the Gin nano and Niviuk Skate, Tonfly says that the Gin Nano gilder a 12,5m2 is suitet for a beginner....



Submitted by Swoopn


Taking into consideration only your flight experience I think your choices are very agressive. An 11m^2 is about a 120 ft^2 (which is what I fly after 7 years of speeflying and nearly 3000 jumps, it is a crossbraced though so not exactly apples to apples but I think you get the point), the upper end of choice of a 13m^2 is about a 140ft^2 wing. If the school you are at has 15m^2 for use, I would go with that and see how you progress, this is going to be closer to what you are accustom to. The spitfire is also a very agressive wing so I would nix it for now (that is my understanding not experience but I am looking to buy one as a second wing). I know there are few pilots in Denmark that you get some advice from also. Good luck with course and welcome to the sport!