Vehicle accessed Speed Flying sites in California, Post them up

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Vehicle accessed Speed Flying sites in California, Post them up

Submitted by DaveTurner


Hey Guys,

Almost all of my launches have been accessed by skis or foot, only a few of the drive up sites that I have found have been suitable for speed wings. Trying to find out about some other spots to fly, where I do not have to hike up to the top. Call me lazy sometimes! A 3.5 to one ratio is kind of the absolute maximum for a decent speed site, and at least 1,000ft vertical or so (the more the better).

I use a kind of system, to find more or less how rad a potential spot will be. I take the vertical in feet, then divide that by the milage to the LZ. This then gives you the 'Magic Number'. With my XT-16, and weighing about 205 lbs clip in weight while foot launching, a Magic Number of about 1,600 is about as low as I want to go. At about 1,800 the flight becomes fun, and above 2,000 is great. 2,500+ is the **** we look for.

This system works great for me, and really helps while trying to find new spots. Google Earth has made this easy. The ruler tool on the application works wonders, as it gives elevations at the same time.
Lets find some new spots.

So far I have launched the Whitney Portal road, Flynn's para launch site, Tehachapi, and Mount McGee (hiked it, but you can drive it) for vehicle launch sites. have been looking at Horseshoe Meadow road and Onion Valley road (both in the eastern Sierra), but deep snow prevented these two for me this year.

Am wondering if you guys know of some sweet drive-up sites in California. Once Horshoe Meadow road opens for the season, will be the spot I think. Have to work for the summer, but will be there once finished, and when I can get away from work.

Dave Turner
Bishop, CA

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Submitted by Anonymous

Lake ISabella has a 800ft hill with truck access, there is also a few other sites in SoCal. Not sure if you know Dave from Truckee or any of the RB pilots in the area, but they are a good source of local sites.