Jun 25 2011
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JN Hellracer11

JN - Hellracer2011



Flight Guru Michael Nesler has once again allowed his pen run wild ... JN of Pure Hell Racer 2011 is! It will be a 14er the HR, as with JN is now zipping usual. In this case, from 14m ² to 12m ² - Two in One System. Otherwise, the usual factors with respect to performance and quality. The cloth is new ... NCV Ultra light for even faster at the start and all filling Hike Freaks! Those who get hold of a hot JN Hellracer want ... is the limited edition's only mandatory pre-orders! Details to follow when available





Manufacture: JN-Kites


 Technical Data

Model 14m (Zip Open) 12m (Zip Closed)
Area (Flat/Projected) 13,98²/11,05m² 12,16²/9,60m²
Wing Span (Flat/Projected) 7,06m/5,56m 6,28m/4,71m
Chord (max/min) ?m/?m ?m/?m
Aspect Ratio (Flat/Projected) 3,56/2,8 3,24/2,3
No. of Cells ?
Wing Material ?
Weight (kg) ? ?
Glide Ratio ? ?
Trim Speed ~ Top Speed 46km/h ~ 64km/h 49km/h ~ 67km/h
Recommended Fly weight (kg) Expert Expert


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JN - Hellracer 2011


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