An Ironmans Journey

If you have been part of the Speed-Flying community since 2010 you should have heard of Joe Stone - who on August 13th, 2010 while speed flying solo in the mountains of Montana experienced complications with his canopy which sent him spiraling down to the earth. He crashed into the side of a mountain landing on his back. His injuries included four broken ribs, a laceration to his liver, very badly bruised lungs, eight broken vertebrae and spinal cord damage at the C7 level and has been diagnosed as an incomplete C7 quadriplegic.

During his recovery and with the help of some great people he has started a new organization called Headstrong Adventures and set himself some very challenging goals - currently he is training for the November 2013 Ironman Triathlon in Florida.


To read Joe's full story and follow his progress check out his website and blog...