Swing Savage 12m2 with harness for sale

The Swing Savage is one of the most stable speedgliders with a steep angle of
attack and a never ending dive combinated with a good gliding ratio. It`s got
trimmers on the backrisers, which you can easy adjust in the air, so the glider is
perfect for footlaunching as well. The gliders weight is less then the nano, so
it has a very smooth start handling. It is almost brandnew and has just a few flights!
The Swing Harness "Brave" is very comfortable and has got more space inside than the
Gin, so you can easyily pack your paraglider into it to go mountaineering.
It used to be a demo glider, that`s why you can by it now for 800 Euros!
New prise is 990 Euros for the glider and 400 Euros for the Harness, so it`s a good deal...
more info: www.swing.de
If you are interestet or you want to test it, contact me:

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