prohibited at Mt. Bachelor, USA

Note: Speed riding is prohibited at Mt. Bachelor Mt. Bachelor is a 9,065 ft msl peak in the Central Oregon Cascades, located approximately 20 miles west of the city of Bend. It is a popular ski area with lift service from 6,300 ft msl to the summit. The Desert Air Riders (DAR) Central Oregon paragliding club and the Cascade Paragliding Club have made arrangements with the ski area to allow lift-assisted paragliding from the time the lifts open in the fall until the lifts close the following spring -- six months in a typical year. Because Mt. Bachelor is an insured flying site, pilots are required to purchase a paragliding pass from the DAR to help offset the cost of the insurance. The pilot qualifications for flying at Mt. Bachelor are listed below. Pilot Qualifications for Paragliding at Mt. Bachelor: 1. Pilots must be members of the U.S. Hang Gliding & Paragliding Association. 2. Pilots must have an Intermediate (Para III) USHPA rating, or a Novice (Para II) USHPA rating with 20 hours of logged air time and 90 logged flights, or a foreign rating equivalent to an Intermediate rating. Novice pilots must show logbook. 3. Pilots must have either a high altitude special skill sign off or a logbook showing flights launched above 6,000 ft msl. 4. Pilots must have a two-way radio tuned to 151.505, a reserve parachute, a helmet, and boots appropriate for walking/launching on snow. 5. Pilots must be 18 year of age or older. 6. Pilots must purchase a Mt. Bachelor Paragliding pass from the DAR (cost $10 for seven days or $30 per year). 7. Pilots must purchase lift tickets (cost per ride to the summit is approximately $14 for pilots who purchase a flexride ticket). 8. All flying must be done under the supervision of a guide approved by the DAR and Mt. Bachelor. 9. Any pilot who has caused problems at any other site will not be permitted to fly. 10. All USHPA rules and guidelines apply. 11. All FAA rules and guidelines apply. 12. Speed riding is prohibited at Mt. Bachelor. further information -
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