Speedriding trip 2009, looking for others to fly with.

Hi all,
Im looking to book my speedriding trip for some time between Jan-March 2009. I went to La Plagne last year and loved it but i was flying along. Would love to meet up with local flyers In Les Arc or Valfrejus or any place who can show me the best slopes and show me around in general! Any advice on hotels that accept people travelling alone would also be great.
I will be flying a Nano13 and will bring my Bobcat 13.5 for some foot launching if i get the chance.

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Meet UP

Hi Dan, Hi Christoph!

I will be in Davos from Feb 7 to 14 and then in Flims
from Feb 14 to 21.
After this i will be in Austria @ Mölltaler Gletscher from March 7 to 14 followed by Heiligenblut on March 14 to 21.
I will be speedriding all four weeks, as i'm also riding a gin nano. Also i have my old skydiving canopy (PD Stiletto), but the nano works best for me when speedriding. Most of my friends are into snowboarding and skiing, so i would be very happy to meet up with you guys!

-Christoph, Where exactly do you go speedriding in Interlaken!?
I'm constantly looking for good resorts with suitable terrain.
I like the idea of this world map here on the site, just the handling is a little uncomfortable. Anyway, i'll post my spots sometime this week.


meet up

Hi Dan,

Christoph here. Let me know when you are going to France speedflying. I am super keen. Priority 1 this Winter is Interlaken in Switzerland for me as i reckon this is the place to be for speedriding. But if you go into the french alps let me know, i will be there. How do you find the Bobcat 13.5 so far? Happy? I heard people mumbling about that it is not going down fast enough. True the glide angle is way more than the Nanos but that is what they have been designed for. In terms of speed the Bobcat 13.5 is not much slower than my nano 10, maybe a bit.

Looking forward catching up .