Question about wings

Hi everyone,
I am new to this and come from a background in skydiving.
I have been jumping for 13 years with over 1000 jumps and am currently flying a Samurai 136.
I was wondering how this canopy would compare to the speed flying wings currently available.
My current wing loading is about 1.5. what are the wing loadings used for SF.
Does anyone know of flyers in Canada or places close by to get into this? I live in southern Ontario.

Blue Skies,


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I'm in southern ontario

Send me a message and we could get together if you want to see a wing or give it a try.


re:Question about wings

Dont know much about Skydiving chutes,  but 139 or 12m² wing with a loading of 1.5 is good for Speedriding...

Check out the wing loading calculator in the Guidelines section.