Best wing for beginner and best place to start flying in the alps?

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Best wing for beginner and best place to start flying in the alps?


My name is Matthias, a 28 years old mutli-extremsporter from Sweden.
I'm thinking about starting with speed riding, it looks really amazing.

I have a little bit experience from skydiving, jumped arount 20 jumps after the AFF-course, but I understand that it isn't much. Therefore I'm planning on taking a course in the alps this winter. Seen 5 days course that seems to be good. I also have to learn how to ski, as I a snowboarder (snowboarding + speed riding isn't the best idea, right?), but my friend is a ski teacher, so he will help me out with that.

I really don't know what wing I should start out with. I'm 175cm tall and weight around 83kg. I'm thinking the bigger wing, the better for a beginner? But I also think that one idea could be to get a matching wing to my friend, who has been flying a bit already. Then I can go with him and he can fly first so I know it's safe and where I will land.
He is around 70kg and has a ITV Pil Pit 13m. When I say matching wing I don't mean to get a wing at the same size, I mean a wing that will fly similar with my extra weight.

I'm also curious if you have any ideas about good places in the alps to start to fly on and maybe a good school to take courses?

Is Mont Blanc good to start with? I saw this video, and it looked like it was a lot of open spaces and not to hard:

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