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canopy fabric

Submitted by desertskiesrigging


I am interested in what kind of fabrics are being used in speedflying canopies.

Most of my experience is in skydiving parachutes, thus f111, 0-3cfm, soarcoat and other types of zp.

When the JVX came out a couple friends of mine got theirs made in what was referred to as sail fabric. It seems to be very similar to that used on some PPC rigs. I occasionally get a PPC pilot in my loft needing repairs and could use a reference to a supplier for this kind of thing. I contacted a major US skydiving canopy manufacturer today who makes powered parachute wings but they told me they use zp so no luck there.

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Submitted by Anonymous


Hi i m looking for fabric materials :
The fabric is to make a prototype of my project work in paragliding.
I would like to sew a paraglider.
It requires two types of fabric.
one for sewing Lower surface/Uppersurface/Ribs upto 80mts (skytex
classic) and another type for reinforcement upto 10mts (skytex patch).

Guys if you know any supplier do this...thank u



Submitted by Anonymous


It depends : GIN and ASKA-Sports use Dominicotex for their speedriding wings, dunno about speedflying though. I think that Swing uses also Dominicotex on the Spitfires, it's a good fabric, possibly better than Skytex for snow uses


Submitted by ram_air_man


Mainly the speedflying canopies are made out of Skytex fabric (which is what most paragliders are made out of) some use different thicknesses and finishes... I've got a ZakoSpeed 16m from Dudek, it uses Skytex Evolution 44 g/m2 on the top surface and Skytex Classic 39 g/m2 on the bottom.

Some manufacturers will use the lighter Skytex 27 g/m2, it all depends on their preference.

Little Cloud is using Dominicotex for their canopies, I beleive that they are the only ones using this stuff...

Some of the paragliding manufacturers are still using a fabric called Gelvenor, but I have yet to see any of them use it for a speedflying canopy since it is really heavy material.

F111 is used by some manufacturer for paragliding reserves, but not for main canopies.

Usually, the manufacturer will have specs on their website which state the materials used for fabrication.

Hope this helps