Fluid vs. Spitfire?

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Fluid vs. Spitfire?

Submitted by salomon


die überlegung stellt sich wegen einer neuanschaffung!
die größe 11m² is fix aber die marke noch nicht!
wie schaun eure erfahrungen mit den beiden schrimen aus?
bitte um die meinung von leuten die beide "geräte" schon geflogen sind!

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Submitted by TransientCW


i just got my first wing, SF 15. could you elaborate? ive got 200 skydives on a 150 sq. foot canopy, and a background in BASE as well, but am new to paragliding. obviously the 11 and 15 are gonna be different at my wingloading, but how do you think the SF 15 will handle in dead air for me?



Submitted by Anonymous

Hi Paul

Could you add another 2 cents about SF in comparison with Bullet 008/009? - suppose you have flown Bullet

Glide, handling, stability...

I'm interested in those two wings. Thinking about Bullet 12m or SF 13m (but rather SF) as my first speed wing. I'm 80kg naked and have some paragliding experience (non acro). Suppose that for my weight it should be OK to use it for ski and with closed trimmers (SF) also for a foot launch.




Submitted by ski n sky


Great input! thanks paul



Submitted by nd4spd


First I am not affiliated with the industry or any manufacturer, at the moment i fly 5 different speedwings from 4 different manufacturers

There is no good or bad wing, its a question of experience for what you need the wing.

higwind soaring, gusty ridge ? - hands down the SF, highspeed downhill carving at top speed with cm precision ? --> go for the fluid

fluid: as you can see - even in the smaller size (9.5) - there is no per se stability or stall issue with the wing, just a matter of knowing how to handle it correctly...watch the landing...


SF 11


the fluid is a high performance wing with a great speed / glide conversion that requires an experienced pilot.

the fluid has a very high aspect ration (for speedwings) and in my opinion needs a high wingload (around 10kg / sqm is fine) to shine and work properly (rock hard canopy) , so for 80 kg rider weight naked go for the 9.5

also the high aspect ration and agressive brake geometry (fully actuated trailling edge) leads to shorter brake travel, so people used to an "idiot proof" super long travel brake design (e.g. nano) might find it difficult as only 3 cm of brake will be sufficient while you need 10 cm for the same effect on a nano... that said i really dont like the sluggish brake feel of the nano...

the fluid is a joy to downwind land as it takes so much energy from e.g. a semihook into the flare

the spitfire 11 is a good allround wing with fast roll (way too fast for beginners) but has way less energy retention compared to the fluid.

Also compared to the fluid it is less precise and has a way softer canopy (more wobble).. which is good in turbulent air (better dampening) and bad in very calm air (less precise)

So to summ it up:

the SF 11 is a nice mid fast allround wing for NON beginner 80 kilo riders

the fluid 11 is a very fast (maybe the fastest of the 11 serial wings?) wing with good glide ideally for a 90 to 100 kilo naked (110-120 all up) rider (wingload wise)

the fluid 9.5 is the same but works best for 80 kg riders (90 - 100 all up)

just my 2 cents, your mileage may vary ,-)




Submitted by Anonymous


Please stop to say this about Fluid... It's a wonderful speedriding glider! It's been made for experienced pilots. The spitfire is between Nano and Fluid, that's all..It's less steep than Fluid, less fast.. Fluid is winning all comps..



Submitted by Anonymous

Spitfire is way better.
It has less dangerous reactions, isn't prone to collapse and backstall as the FLuid does everytime you miss something in the piloting, it's easier to handle while skiing - all in all, it's a better wing in all aspects.
Although it's a bit slower - you may want to try ASKA wings for something in between, faster than the Spitfire but without the behavioral problems of the Fluid.

Sorry for using english, my german isn't good.



Submitted by ski n sky


selbe Entscheidung steht ebenfalls bei mir an...