Fly with speedfly need emergency?

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Fly with speedfly need emergency?

Submitted by danielvalsesia

this is my first post
I want buy speedfly wing and I have 1 question:
In speedfly's equipment must be also emergency like paraglider? because I think almost fligth are close to the ground, and then , maybe emergency isn't necessary.. what do you think about?
If need emergency, which type?
Where fixed?

thanks in advance for your reply


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Hi Daniel and welcome to forum...

To answer your questions
No, most SpeedFlying pilots dont use a reserve, IMO not because they are not required, but because you are normally flying very close to the ground most of the time, so if things go wrong you would have crashed or hit the ground well before your reserve would have opened. Also Speed-Flying harness aren't designed to hold a reserve parachute like a regular PG harness can.

If the terrain or hight you are flying allows for the use of a reserve, emergency parachutes sometimes used are:
UP Profile Light -
Nervures -

and are positioned between the harness/riser karabiners similar to a PG flightdeck.

see photo here