Gim Yak ou Ozone Firefly

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Gim Yak ou Ozone Firefly


My name is Tunico, from Rio de Janeiro, Brasil.


I would be very happy to get opinions from experienced riders.

I'm studying the sport  of SpeedFlying and trying to make sense of all the options.

I already found out that getting instruction on my location is not a problem as there are several people practicing in the mountains of Rio.

But getting gear is not that simple and for many reasons I'm limited with these 2 options:

Ozone or Gin

In their websites the wings labeled "beginner" are the Firefly and the Yak.

The Firefly is limited to one size, 16m

The Yak I could get in 18m , since I'm 90kg naked


A bit about me and what I want from this sport...


52 years

90 kilos

10 years skydiving (lots of CRW)

5 years paragliding

15 years kitesurfing (all kinds of kites, last 5 years Flysurfer foil kites)

And my current flying mania is Paramotoring and I have been practicing for 2 years.


I expect to do a lot of mountain treking and flying down. 

Not interested in death-defying terrain hugging, at least not in the beginning.

I may change my intentions later!


Thanks for any information!


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Thanks Alan.


I ended buying a Swing Hybrid 19m.


Now I'm planning a vacation on Europe next summer. If possible a place where I have easy access to different hiking/SpeedFlying locations. Safe beginner locations!

If you have any recomendation I would be glad to hear!


Thanks again,





Not flown or own either Firefly or Yak but can maybe add some extra info to help ?


Firefly may have slightly higher glide ratio compareed to the Yak

your other option is Gin - Bobcat  which is identical to the Yak in design, the only difference is the Yak is made with lightweight materials  and has lightweight risers.

Ozone XT-16 is similar to the Bobcat but has a lot less glide...

If already paragliding maybe Firefly is better option as could also be used for high wind soaring

The Firefly’s recommended weight range is 55-110kg


If weight is a major factor when hiking & climbing  choose Gin - Yak


Its a difficult choice without test flights.

Let us know which you finally choose...