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gin nan 14 vs bobcat 16.5

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gin nan 14 vs bobcat 16.5

I want to mainly speedride at 5-10 ft heights with skis , I weigh 87k...have zero paragliding and skydiving experience but am an x ski racer and have above average. skiiing skills. I doubt if I will ever go over 10-20 ft as I am 44 and have three kids and am fairly cautious. Which setup would you recomend. I am getting allot of different opinions.I am taking beginner lessons
but I'm getting very different opinions on what I should buy

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colin sims (not verified)

I would have got the gin nano,,,the nano is rock solid and very user friendly,,its the perfect beginer wing,i had mine for a year and started by foot launching and also tried some speedriding,,,The bobcat isnt a speedriding wing and isnt as easy to handle ,,its more at home in the air than on the ground and they also tend to have a frontal collaps problem ,,this isnt so bad if you are a good pilot and have lots of altitude but a novice near the ground might not be so lucky,,The gin nano is very easy to foot launch also,,,There are some nice wings out these days that are bigger like the little cloud ,zion,aska 17,,,,great for big mountain flights ..,,Have fun and stay safe dude : )

Waylon99's picture

I chose the bobcat 16.5 and after 20 flights from 20 to 300 ft high..someone is recomending I get a 19 or 20 meter wing for parasailing and a 14 meter wing for speedflying. They tell me that ground launching a 16 meter bobcat could be. safety issue...what do u think of that??



If it was me I think 14m Nano - 87 Kg would be a good wing loading on 14m for speedriding and skis as the16.5 Bobcat would be to big and have to much glide if you are looking to stay close to the ground.

Other option could be Ozone XT16 which has less glide than Bobcat but more than 14m Nano.

Keeping that low to the ground has a lot to do with pilot skills and control and where you are flying. You will definitely be flying over 20ft off the ground at times....


have you seen the Nano vs Bobcat videos ?

13m Nano vs 15m Bobcat -