Glide Ratio/Slope ratio

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Glide Ratio/Slope ratio

Submitted by Pike


Hi, noob here

just assessing the hills around my house.

If my speedfly wing has a glide ratio of 1:4 and the hill I am standing on has a slope of 1:5 then:

a. In no wind I will end up doing a whole lotta running. if there is a 15mph wind dead on and clean then what happens?

I appreciate that the wing glide ratio never changes but would I possibly be able to make it to the bottom of the slope?? Perhaps only possible if I can either soar up to the point at which the gradient from me to the LZ is 1:4 or out from the hill to that same point?? (assuming I can get the speed enough to get away from the slope...?)

Any help with this really appreciated


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