Help - How To Add Video

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Help - How To Add Video

If you havent already seen - You now have the ability to include videos in your posts on the forum.

How to post videos guide...


Step 1:

Copy the URL to the video you would like to post

Videos can be from - YouTube & Vimeo - Select either the Share Video link - or copy the URL from the Address bar as seen in figure below.


Step 2:

Create a new post or reply to an existing thread on the forum

The Post message box should have the Video Filter Icon visible in the Toolbar


Step 3:

To add a video click on the icon


Step 4:

The Video filter window should now be displayed.


Step 5:

Paste the Video Link in the Video URL: text box.


Step 6:

Click Insert button to add video


Step 7:

Text displayed for video link should be like example below


Step 8:

Click Save button  - or Preview before you post.


Your linked video should now display.... smiley


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