Learning speedflying in Montana

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Learning speedflying in Montana

Submitted by angieleduc


I live in Kalispell, Montana and am headed to Bozeman to learn how to speedfly this weekend. After months of trying to generate interest from any of my friends to join, everyone who expressed interest flaked, so I am heading down solo. Since this isn't exactly a game of solitaire, I'm thinking its a sport best not performed alone. So....I am looking for people in the Missoula/Flathead area or who come to this area who are already participating/into this sport to go out and play with & learn from once I am done with my training. Anybody have any leads out there in cyberland?

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Andrew (not verified)

i live in Missoula i don't have a wing as of yet but will be picking one up in time for spring/summer I have a place in Whitefish so i'm up there quite a bit. I was looking into that school in Bozeman for some lessons, I would be interested to get your take on it.



Submitted by fjfantino


Hi, I live in Kalispell and have been paragliding for about 15 years. Attended one of Andy's maneuvers clinics a few years ago and have been thinking of doing some speedflying training with him this Spring. Mostly interested in the sport for high wind soaring when it's too blown out for paragliding.



Submitted by Swoopn


If you don't don't get any takers and can not be convinced to wait for another speed flyer, I would recommend bringing a couple of people as ground crew in case of an emergency. Have an emergency plan, know your GPS coordinates (in case a rescue is required), and evidently have communication to each other and the outside world (cell phones,2-way radios...)


Submitted by jab0321


Hi I am from Bozeman originally but don't live there any more. There aren't very many of us who speed fly in Montana and the ones that do mostly live in Bozeman. Best advice I can give is that it will take more than one weekend to learn to speed fly especially if you haven't done any other canopy flying sports. Take it slow and try to only fly with other speed flyers, especially at first.