Speed-Flying in Romania

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Speed-Flying in Romania

22 December 2010 via email


My name is Alex and I am from Romania. Here this sport is not so developed, but it is growing slow with old equipment.
I ski very good since I was 3 years old and I have license for paragliding and for paramotor.

I flay for 6 years.
I want to buy a wing for speed riding.
I weight 75 kg.

What wing it will be better for me?
-gin nano 12,5
-swing spitfire 13
-mac para whistler2 12 or 14?

and best regards

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Hi Alex

Thanks for contacting Speed-Flying.com

Very hard to choose between the 3 models as all are great gliders...

-gin nano 12,5
-swing spitfire 13
-mac para whistler2 12 or 14?

@75Kg I wouldn't go for the 14m Whistler
Whistler is a good Beginners glider and is often used by some of the Speed-Flying school.

Spitfire is a more advanced glider and could be compared to the Gin Fluid, with the Nano being the best all round glider. I think your choice would have to be either Nano 12.5 or Whistler 12. Not had a chance to fly a Whistler, so if was me having to choose - I would go for the Nano.
But saying that both Nano or Whistler would be a good choice.

Hope reply is helpful
Best Regards