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Tignes - Speed-Flying

Submitted by speedy on December 27, 2006 - 9:05pm.

Where to fly in Tignes?
Wil be on holiday there from 10/01/2007 until 20/01/2007
I have my own NANO 13"

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Thanks, I was told about Cedric from a guy on the Scottish speed flying forum on Facebook & have since booked up for a full day with Evo 2..... I can't wait!

Cheers for the reply, it's backed up the positive vibe I was getting about Evo 2



I will be there end of januari, beginning of feb. Were with a big group, I've been speedriding in this area for years. I you want you can tag along

Evo 2 is great, ask for Cedric

Take the "big" skipas ( espace killy)

You can contact me  Aeneask@gmail.com



wrong rwply

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Hi all, I'm heading to Tignes at the end of January & hope to go speed riding sometime, do you know any locals or people that could help me out?

Have you heard of a Tignes based company called Evolution 2? http://evolution2-tignes.com/en/content/18-speedriding



Submitted by Jynxx on November 11, 2007 - 6:53pm.

Cheers to the speed-flying.com team for a great site! Cool to get info in English and good links. I am looking for location that is easily and economically accessible (I have no auto) and Tignes sounds good. I am hoping that you can give me some more tips (where not to go, land, etc ) of Tignes...also looking forward to hearing Speedy´s experience flying there..


Submitted by mathias on December 29, 2006 - 9:34pm.

Tigne has many options for speedriding! The best way is you explore the place and when you found a good spot with good wind direction and snow conditions you go for it Smiling Just dont kill any skiers!

There are some nice locals and I am sure they will help you!!

have fun!