Trois Vallees - Speed Riding Locations

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Trois Vallees - Speed Riding Locations

Submitted by Robert Wallace


I've pieced together a few crude speed riding route options for Merribel, Val Thorens, Les Menuires and Orelle using Google Earth. These are rough so not for following religiously but print them out or stick them on your phone and you'll have a few decent starting points.

There are errors in it and i haven't captured all of the pistes or lifts so do your own risk assessments. If anyone else wants to add to this, link up images to the discussion thread below and it should build up a useful resource for anyone heading to the three Valleys this season.

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tuomo linnanto (not verified)

the dropbox links are not anymore functioning. could you check and refresh those. we are possible to head here to make some speedriding next janury.

Glen brady (not verified)

You may want to contact Darren Jack via facebook..vail pass has an area where I took my first flight a few days ago. You need a snow machine , I have one and my days off are sunday. I may be at vail pass . I am a beginner so I am not the best person to tLk to but I definitely know where a good beginner spot is And have the machine to get you their, 9704851831. Btw-the ski area does not like people flying on their terrain. The vail pass area is national forest and it's 15 min from the resort...



I'm going to be in Val T w/c Sun 24th Feb 2013, wth my Ozone Firefly.

Don't suppose you (or anyone else) will be there?  Would be great for someone to show me some good lines.

I'm PG pilot 5yrs post-qual, loads of hours but new to speed fly.  Three days (6 flights)tuition in Lakes with Airventures.


Andy P

Rob (not verified)

It doesn't always go so well! 


By way of an update to this, the best sites seem to be in the Meribel Motaret area, where you can have great launches from Mont Valon and Cote brune lifts, plenty of variety, space and landing zones.
Cote brune has a big cliff off to the flyers right, and Mont Valon has a lot of rollers - just be careful not to land on the lake at the bottom!
A nice run, if a little flat in the later half is down the Bouchet glacier from the very top of the Orelle Valley.
Nice run into Orelle from Cime Caron viewing platform as well – you need to ski down quite a narrow / precarious ridge so definitely not one for weak skiers.
Another great run from Cime Caron, but criss-crossed with pistes, a cable car and some power lines (sounds horrible actually!) is from the top of Cime Caron back into the Val Thorens valley - slightly tricky takeoff and a few hazards but fantastic terrain to play on. Make sure that you land / stop higher up than the open piste by the Cime Caron Gondola start point as the lifties there get a little bit funny with tighter landing spots further down.
You can check a few of these out here

a random Speed-Flyer (not verified)

to the right of the Cote brune lift (the one that heads back to Val Thorens from Meribel mottaret), to the right hand side is an absolutely perfect training / beginners location with simple progression going further up the slope as you improve plus a long flat landing zone when initial flights begin


Submitted by Pike


Wow, great work. Do you know if these will work/ allowed in summer (foot launch?)



Submitted by Swoopn


Great work!


Submitted by frode_thulien


This is excellent work. Do you have any pointers for any beginner slopes of the areas listed. Planning to spend some time in this region during February.

Kudos for your efforts!