Wing Reviews Needed

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Wing Reviews Needed

Now the Products section almost complete and up to date, it would be great to get some reviews for the wings from both regular and pro pilots to add more content to each of the speed-wings web pages.

If you would like to help - please post your wing reviews on the forum.

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Submitted by bertrand on December 19, 2007 - 11:31am.


I did test on Gin Nano 07 (13m² & 12 m²) and Niviuk Nuki (13m²) last year. Nano was better balanced between stability and handling. The rouli controle was clearly better i the handling accuracy improved on Nano 07. My pleasure was greater with Nano. For glide ratio and speed I didn't note big differences. The Gin harness is very useful. The 12m² is faster the feeling difference is significante but not huge.

Now I have to buy a speed glider for 2008 seson i wait your feeling about Bullet 2008, Bombe 10m² and Niviuk skate.

see you

Bertrand CHOL (french alpes)