Xaos-21 for speed flying

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Xaos-21 for speed flying

Submitted by: chileanxaos


Hello has anyone any experience ground launching this canopy , i have towed it with a car , but ne groud launched it , now Iam using a gin speedfly wing and inflates really easy for take off , the thing is I would prefer using the xaos , because i like more how it flyes . thanks

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Submitted by: Anonymous

I've foot launched a Xaos 27 a few times. The speed wasn't much better than a standard 9-cell skydiving canopy, since the difference is really in the front riser turns (which you don't get to do but once in a blue moon when foot launching). It's a real **** to foot launch... you need really high winds and good ground handling skills.

It really is best to just go with the purpose-built speed flying wings and learn how to get the most from them. Which Gin do you have?


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