Jun 25 2011
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Uturn Morpheus

U-Turn - Morpheus




Adrenalin, agility, action – this trinity in the acro sky has a new name: MORPHEUS. To experience the full G-FORCE agility with this highly flexible canopy, just before and at the limit but with an extra portion of safety – this is the promise of the MORPHEUS.

The new paraglider is above all meant to be a show and D-Bag wing, ideal for example for jumping out of a balloon or a helicopter. The forces on the material are distributed significantly evener by the use of double as many connecting lines. Hereby the total line length increased by only 12 metres, and this increase is only in the very thin line category. This increases the lifetime and ensures a significantly better opening behaviour after a jump.

The MORPHEUS has in comparison to the G-FORCE a slightly smaller wingspan. This also makes jumps easier because the danger of lines looping over the wing is lowered. Significantly lower control force and slightly longer guiding movements are further features of this paraglider. Mike Küng had started the development of the MORPHEUS and has significantlyinfluenced its design. He needs a wing with extraordinary acro characteristics for his extreme performances but also further abilities are necessary – now in collaboration with him the MORPHEUS has been developed, the show class paraglider has emerged.

All of the usual acro-manoeuvres can be flown with the new paraglider, the Infinity-Tumbling can be performed excellently. The MORPHEUS has the same rhythmic capabilities as the G-FORCE. "We have slightly reduced the uncomprimising combination of Performance and dynamics which made the G-FORCE so extraordinary and popular in the MORPHEUS design und traded in enhanced flying features like gliding performance and wing stability instead", explains constructor Ernst Strobl. Just for clarification: this is still a pure bred acro paraglider only intended for professionals far away from any everyday quality certificate. "Whoever wants to try out some acro manoeuvres should see the FREE FORCE as being his or her first choice" explains U-Turn co-founder Thomas Vosseler.

The MORPHEUS can be flown safely at show performances even if the conditions are not 100% optimal and a landing in lee conditions should not cause too much anxiety for the pilot. The new show paraglider is now available with the new modified U-Turn claw design with attractive colours in the sizes 17, 17.5, 18, 19, 21 and 24.






Manufacture: U-Turn Gliders


 Technical Data

Model 17m² 17.5m² 18m² 19m² 21m² 24m²
Area (Flat/Projected) 17m²/15,05m² 17,5m²/15,84m² 18m²/16,53m² 19m²/17,20m² 21m²/19,10m² 24m²/22,30m²
Wing Span (Flat/Projected) 9,78m/8,33m 9,92m/8,55m 10,06m/8,73m 10,33m/8,90m 10,86m/9.38m 12,61m/10,14m
Chord (max/min) ?m/?m ? ?m/?m ? ?m/?m ? ?m/?m ? ?m/?m ? ?m/?m ?
Aspect Ratio (Flat/Projected) 5,62/4,61
No. of Cells 56
Wing Material ?
Weight (kg) 5,1 5,2 5,3 5,5 6,2 6,8
Glide Ratio ?:1
Trim Speed ~ Top Speed 45km/h ~ +60km/h 45km/h ~ +60km/h 45km/h ~ +60km/h 44km/h ~ +60km/h 44km/h ~ +60km/h 44km/h ~ +60km/h
Recommended Fly weight (kg) 55-95 60-100 70-105 80/110 90/120 110/135


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U-Turn - Morpheus


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