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UTurn Speedmaster2




U-Turn - Speedmaster Rocket 2 [2012]




For lovers of speed riding, there is good news from U-Turn: The Speedmaster 2 has the PPN system and further optimized profile. As a result of the means: The screen can be launched even lighter and wins by the lighter weight of added performance. Because by not using the heavy Nasenmylars brings the SPEEDMASTER 2 noticeably less weight on the scale.

Fly but prefer to run or go skiing? This question belongs to the idea since SPEEDMASTER the past! Now there is the SPEED MASTER SPEEDMASTER ROCKET 2 and 2 with PPN system , and therefore the question is not only completely obsolete. Rather, it now says: Can now go a little easier on the hands of the ride?

Of course, the SPEEDMASTER 2/2 ROCKET has the unique U-turn innovation Variable Brake Geometry (VBG) . In the factory setting the SPEED MASTER 2 is flying fast in the face of the small cap size, but overall well balanced, with the handling is further improved by the optimized profile. "By promoting the filling behavior due to the PPN system, I could modify the profile a bit more towards performance, without having to accept disadvantages in stability in buying," explained Strobl.

However, the brake is sharpened with the VBG device, this changed the flight characteristics of the cap in all respects. Now it's the SPEEDMASTER ROCKET 2 The system works as follows: The base-line, which leads to the three brake lines has, prior to the distribution point on a sewn up casing to which a strap can be attached: Metro Hook. At the junction of the brake lines The proper strap is sewn. In the open state, the brake geometry is to some extent in the factory-set normal state. If the loop but hung in the U-hook, the stopping distance. The bypassed part of the line hangs in a loop, the power is connected using the U-Hook. The further away the U-Hook is sewn from the junction of the brake lines, the stronger the effect of the tightening of the brake and thus cap characteristic. In other words, U-Turn offers a sense two screens for the price of one. How does speed riding fun. Motto: The mountains are calling. Speed ??Riding is perhaps the coolest sports on the planet. With the SPEED MASTER 2 above you every descent is a very special pleasure and experience. Whether extra rapidly along a relief or something comfortably with long flights - that your decision alone. The SPEED MASTER 2 makes everything possible, because it exists in four equal sizes of 8,10,12 and 14 sqm.

Beginners in Speedriding will choose the 14-square-meter SPEEDMASTER second This variant can be slowed down more like a normal paraglider and makes the Speedmaster therefore also for beginners in the sport of choice. He is naturally very agile and not directly comparable with the glide of a much larger canopy. Who lets him run free, experienced one thing: Speeeeeeeed. Even in the normal position of the SPEEDMASTER 14 has some really cool dive qualities, but when braking it rotates relatively flat away.

With the "ROCKET", the flight pattern changes sustainable: The screen is noticeably more stringent. So it can be rapidly nozzles along a relief tions Valley with 14 square meters. With decreasing screen size, the character of the SPEEDMASTER 2 changed more and more into a thoroughbred sports equipment owned solely in the hands of the professionals in his greed for speed. While the 14er screen is designed to be completely unaffected with ambitious framework and also after a heavy touch-down very quickly builds up boost again on the descent and the landing behavior is sufficiently problematic, with the smaller screens are all attributes with the addition of "relatively "to provide. Yes, the SPEEDMASTER 2 12, 10 and 8 is a good start, provides buoyancy, is folding stable and can be safely land - but you have to. And as far as it enters the 8 series: pretty damn good to. Not even the PPN system does not change. What is clear is that by starting this feature is still being felt uneventful - and that the screen much longer retains its power, just as no mylar can wrinkling. The U-Turn Speedmaster 2 has both the lower and upper sail on a water-repellent nylon cloth. Since speed and power in this screen are not a problem, the line cross-sections were chosen lush, so as to generate additional safety extra strength. The SPEED MASTER 2 is available in attractive color combinations now available.







Manufacture: U-Turn Gliders



 Technical Data


Area (Flat/Projected)8m²/6,90m²10m²/8,70m²12m²/10.40m²14m²/12.10m²
Wing Span (Flat/Projected)5,32m/4,60m5,95m/5,10m6,52m/5,60m7,04m/6,10m
Chord (max/min)?m/?m ??m/?m ??m/?m ??m/?m ?
Aspect Ratio (Flat/Projected)3,50/3,00
No. of Cells22
Wing Material?
Weight (kg)2,42,652,93,2
Glide Ratio?:1
Trim Speed ~ Top Speed?km/h ~ ?km/h?km/h ~ ?km/h?km/h ~ ?km/h?km/h ~ ?km/h
Recommended Fly weight (kg)ExpertAdvanced45/7575/100+



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U-Turn - Speedmaster 2


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