Oct 15 2011
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Website Update

New to the Speed Flying website team, I am working to get the website updated over next few months and ready for 2007/2008 season.

Already have quiet a few ideas and plans for lots more content, information and details.
The goal is to make Speed-Flying.com the center of the worldwide speed flying community where every Speed Flyer and all interested in the sport comes to see whats going on.

Ideas and possible things you may see on the website soon.

  • The Complete Speed Flying Glider Guide
  • World Wide Speed Flying Location Guide - Best places to fly.
  • Speed Flying Safety
  • Flying Schools and Instruction
  • Events and Results
  • Links to the WWW of Speed Flying
  • Weather information

If you have more ideas or suggestions - Please let us know


You can also help....
It would also be great to get some detailed Rider Reviews on all the past and current Gliders.
Reviews of your current and favorite locations suitable for flying - Both Summer and Winter sites.



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