Ozone Fazer 2012

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Ozone Fazer 2012



The All New Ozone FAZER – A Speedwing for the Next Generation of Speed Pilots

Click here to visit the Fazer info page in English.

The Fazer offers modern speed riding and speed flying pilots the ultimate combination of speed, precision, and performance. We designed this wing especially for the new generation of speed pilots who are pushing the limits of the sport with and without skis, in mountains and coastal sites all over the world. Although the Fazer is primarily designed for pilots of a wide range of abilities to ski-launch, experienced speed pilots will love foot launching their Fazer in big mountains during the summer time.

What sets the Fazer apart from the competition is its incredible precision. Modern speed pilots want a wing that can be flown close to terrain with dependable accuracy and no parasitic sail movement (that “wobble” or “accordion” movement inherent in many current speed wings). The Fazer is a rock-solid and reliable canopy for precision flying!

The Fazer has an excellent glide range - it will go steep when you want it to, and it glides well when you need it to. Although the glide range can be adjusted extensively using only the brakes, the Fazer also features a trim range which works smoothly on its 3-riser system.

The Fazer can fly steeper or flatter than the Bullet and is faster across the entire speed range. It is a 3 riser design with a high performance line set and rear riser trimmers. It is suitable for advanced speed pilots at high wingloading and beginner pilots at low wingloading.


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