ski launching by skiing around from above?

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ski launching by skiing around from above?

What is the bes way to stand above your wing ..then ski around and below it to launch? I see video of euros doing it..but I can't figure it you duck under the lines when you ski around them or what?

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Hi Glenn


Early example of the launch is seen at the start of this video.



There are two methods to the launch, which depends on the launch site or pilot preference.


One is to set the glider for forward alpine launchand allow the uphill riser to wrap around your arm/shoulder and around your back. When moving off ski into a carved turn keeping away from the glider. The glider then drags on the floot while it inflates and comes up behind the rider as with the regular launch.


2nd method is with the glider downwind as for a normal dowind launch hold both risers out in front of you as for above carve turn to clear glider while lifting uphill riser over your head as the glider inflates and comes up.


Some Hazards to be aware of with this method of launching.

A risk of skiing over the lines and glider.
if tail wind is to high or gusty loosing your balance and getting pulled over or worse getting dragged down the mountain,
Line tangles
Glider damage due to it being dragged over the ground for longer.

Just ducking under the risers and not lifting the risers over your head  there is a very high risk of the risers/lines getting caught on your helmet during the turn.

Tip would be to practice on a gentle slope or while ground handling to get a feel for the launch before heading to the mountains for real.



Anyone: If there are better video examples of the downwind launching method  please post a video link below or if this is your favorite method of launch please post your downwind launching tips.