Looking for a wing!


I am looking for an used wing!
some of the wings I would buy:
bobcat 13.5
nano 09 12m
bullet 10 or 12
fluid 9.5 or 11
pilpit 9 or 11
something like that

Make me an offer!
I need a small wing because I do not weigh really much...


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*Wanted* a Speedflying wing complete with harness 9 to 12.5 mete

I am looking for a speed flying wing for skiing complete with harness. Year 2008, 2009 or 2010 in great condition. I am 69 kg so not sure if there are different sizes on the harness. Preferably within the european union. I am located in Greece. Name the price. Please email me at jogefo (at) hotmail.com


Selling my JN Hellracer `09

Selling my JN Hellracer `09 11m2/13m2 has 15-20 Test-Flights on

yeah I will post some

yeah I will post some footage soon...

in december I can rock the alps again Smiling

re: got a swing savage 10

Great - look forward to hearing what you think of it. Going to be a bit quicker than your Hellracer... Smiling

got a swing savage 10.

got a swing savage 10.

some voices told me that a

some voices told me that a 9/11 (yeah I know bad name) wing will pop out this season.

but jn decided not to manufacture the 9/11. There are not enough customers on the market for this size.

re: Looking for a wing

What made you sell your 11/13m Hellracer ?