Best beginner ski/groundlaunchable wing

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Best beginner ski/groundlaunchable wing

Cheers, I am new to speed riding and speed flying, have 400+ skydives and 70+ BASE jumps, also a pilot by trade with 500+ hours. I am 75 kg and am looking into buying a safe and fun first wing that I can both ski and ground launch. So far been thinking a nano, skate2 or fazer2 (12 or 14). Any suggestions on all around solid first glider and size? Thanks!

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Things to consider

1 - Type of flying you want to do

2 - Your location and size of hills/mountains you will be flying.


A good alround glider for both Riding and Flying would be the Gin Nano or Ozone Fazor or their earlier Bullet

for size if your location has steep hills then 12 to 13.5m if low or shallow hills then go bigger with a 13 to 15m


about no replies.. agree not very helpful, We do have a lot of registered speed-flyers and a good number of visitors each week, but as with almost all forums on the web now, their general use has reduced since launch of facebook and others similar sites.

If no further replies, would be well worth searching the archieves and earlier posts as there is massive amount of good/helpful info available.





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if this, of all, doesnt get a single reply... what the hell am i doing on this site getting community info... lame yall.