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Submitted by TransientCW


im brand new to this sport with a background in skydiving and BASE.

in this video, at 3:15 (im not sure what you guys call this maneuver its a bunch of barrel rolls but im not hip to the terminology), do i see him crank down **** his left brake line while simultaneously pushing forward and out on his entire right riser group?

if so, does using both hands like this just speed up the barrell roll? what is the purpose, and how does it affect/distort the canopy?

thanks in advance
chris w

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Submitted by Anonymous


thanks alot for the clarification!



As above - move is not a Barrel roll it is known as a SAT where the center of the rotation is between the glider and pilot. Pushing on the riser helps keep the glider 90° to the horizon. Same move with the LE facing the ground is a Spiral dive a you loose height very quickly. Infinity is where the glider is rotating above then below the pilot with the LE parallel to the horizon - very hard to almost impossible on a speed glider due to their design. All are Paragliding ACRO moves.

Spiral -
Infinity -



Submitted by biggie


guess what you mean is him flyig the SAT. that's a figure from paragliding and something different than a barrel role.