My new Speed Flying videos from the Sierra

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My new Speed Flying videos from the Sierra

Submitted by DaveTurner


Hey Guys!

Been down here in Bishop this winter, flying my speed wing here in the hills. Been having tons of fun learning this new game. Have had a ton of fun, some good flights, and a close call or two. Check out these videos, I hope you guys like them. If so, send the link out so other people can see them too. The Table Mountain video is from just yesterday.

And if you are a speed wing pilot as well, get a hold of me and come fly in the Sierra!

-Dave Turner

p.s.- Big thanks to Black Diamond for the help!

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Submitted by magic k2


Wow,,i loved every second of those vids man,,i was amazed how stable that wing is,you were making me nervouse when you flew all allong that cliff face to your left and was almost touching it with your canopy,,that place looks awsome in the snow also,,keep it up



Submitted by Anonymous


The wing is an Ozone XT-16 (a 16 meter Bullet), and I weigh 195 lbs. Some of my friends fly smaller wings than mine, but they are a bit smaller in size too! Am looking to get a 12 meter Bullet for next winter, but for foot launching, the XT is as small as I want to land for another hundred or so flights. Great wing, I highly recommend it!



Submitted by TransientCW


dave - good stuff.
if you dont mind me asking, what size (ozone i think?) is that?

also how much do you weigh/what is your wingloading? just curious im new to this sport.