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New UP-Xpress

Available from May 2010 the new mini Freeride wing from UP Paragliders

Check out the photos here -

Size available 14m, 15,5m and 17,5m

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Ahhhhhhhhh......LOL.................that explains it.

Oooooops......Thanks for the update. I will check the dates

Thanx Kitesurfa.


Hi Stuu

Thanks for the update on the X-press - no longer being available from UP


and yes, think you took the info wrong

The UP X-press original post I made was first posted back in 2010 before they were available.

from forum archive -


When we upgraded the forum we transferred all the posts made in the original forum across to the new forum manually because the now archived database wasn't compatible with the new so we could keep all the posts already made and not start again with an empty forum. This resulted in the original post dates changing to their transfer date. Sorry if this caused some confusion,,,






Hello......I'm confused.....????

I sent off an email to UP asking them if they could refer me to someone that I can purchase a new "X-press 17.5m" wing and they sent me back the reply:

"They were very unhappy with the wing and they don't make "X-press" line of wings anymore! I can not buy one new!"

++Do they make them again or is that New---Old stock that they found somewhere?++

If someone has any info, it would be great to find out. Maybe I took this wrong.