Niviuk Skate and no skiis

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Niviuk Skate and no skiis


I couldn`t seem to find an answer for this, so here goes. I recently bought a Skate 12 (I`m 75kg), and the plan is to use it for foot launching. I dont skii. Someone told me that this might not be the best wing for this..

Does anyone know if I should look to change it into something else that is more suited for non-ski flying..? Dont want to break myself due to inappropriate equipment Smiling

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Marcio Franco (not verified)

Yeah man, I have a Skate 12 and 78kg and foot launching is not ideal for this wing, I've heard about people have don it but not recommend. This wing is made to fly in high steep mountains like Alpes.

Better to have something with better glide ratio