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Some questions about Ozone XT16 wing and learning to fly

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Some questions about Ozone XT16 wing and learning to fly

Submitted by Airborne


I would like to get into this sport and i was thinking on buying an XT16 wing.
Is this wing as fast and dangerous like other speed wings in the size of 14?
How hard is to learn to fly this wing on a small slope without objects that can get in my way? I also want to buy the book The Speed Flying Reference Guide, i in the past had 37 skydives( i must get back into skydive too).

I also would like to know why the wing is called cross terrain, can i fly in thermals? i would like to have a wing that has some speed and fly downhill but i also like a wing that dont sink an can stay airborne if i catch thermals.

Whats an optimum wing load on this wings? Im into pushing weights and im kind of big.

Thanks in advance for the answers.

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Submitted by Airborne


Thanks for the inputs.



Submitted by Charly Booth


Wings like the XT 16 are not very good at staying up in laminar coastal lift, in marginal conditions. If you want a good all round hybrid ( fast, but able to handle thermals) you'll need to look at the ITV AWAK 16 or 18. I have an ITV 14 ( I'm 67 Kg dry) and love it. But I fly in coastal/bubble lift ( 80% laminar 20% thermal ) . This is a sophisticated thin profile, which is far superior to most speedies in L/D. Get some experience first though, on "softies" like the XT 16 or perhaps Bobcat 15, then go for "gold" with an ITV AWAK 16 or 18. Get experience though.....these mini pg"s are a wild challenge, as they are all different. Charly Sydney



Submitted by Anonymous

oh yes there are a whole range of different GR wings, but take for instance the Bobcat, this is a speedfly wing but has much better glide, the one you mention has MUCH better glide as I understand this is more a speedwing or miniwing (small pg wing for higher winds) but not sure it is appropriate for beginners...

For info on PG wings go to paraglidingforum.com



Submitted by Airborne


Yeah thanks, it helped. How much the gear weights(wing and lets say an attack harness)? I have 90 kgs with no clothes. Also do you know some wings that have better glide ratio? Or the speed wings in general are the same?
Im looking now at The Spiruline mini wing from Little Cloud :

looks good for a beginner wing(18m model)



Submitted by Anonymous



I have an XT16. Its my first wing. I am very very happy with it - as a beginner it has been easy to groundhandle, easy to fly, GR in nil between 4 to 5, which is not the best but then its not meant to be. This wing goes down. I think its a great hike and fly wing BUT thermals?? I don't think so - high wind soaring - yes. If your looking at thermals you need a mini wing or a very lightweight PG.

I look for slopes no flatter than 1:4, ideally with a 1:3 pitch at least at the start...

I weigh 098kgs all in with harness.

Hope that helps