Speed Flying in Switzerland..... Government involvement?

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Speed Flying in Switzerland..... Government involvement?

Submitted by Freeflyn on March 14, 2007 - 9:46pm.

I have heard from a friend in Switzerland the following:

"I have read new articles from the Swiss civil aviation agency today, which have issued a new law end of february, which requires a paraglider license to fly a speedflying wing."

Can anyone confirm this? If so does anyone have a copy of the bill/law? Any information would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance

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FSVL = Fédération Suisse de Vol Libre

their website - http://www.shv-fsvl.ch


Submitted by Freeflyn on March 15, 2007 - 12:10am.

Is the FSVL the governing para-gliding association in Switzerland?


Submitted by Freeflyn on March 15, 2007 - 7:37pm.

Does anyone know the driving force behind the implementation of this law? Was it the death that occurred in .ch? Is the Swiss para gliding community developing a speeding flying license\ training program?


I read a few days ago a PDF I found on the web below is a Google translation.

Note speedflying According to the federal Office of the civil aviation (OFAC), the speedflyers are sailplanes of slope of the parapentes category. Their use is consequently regulated by the Ordinance on the aircraft of special categories (OACS) RS 748.941. - [url=http://www.admin.ch/ch/f/rs/748_941/index.html]read[/url]

Legal provisions:
Only A right to use a speedflyer
· that which has an official licence (delivered by the FSVL) of pilot of coasting flight of the cat. parapentes (age minimal: 16 years)
· or which, if it did not obtain the aforementioned licence yet, flies under the direct monitoring of an instructor of coasting flight for the parapentes category.

It is moreover obligatory
· that the owner of the apparatus concluded, to cover the rights to repair of damage caused with thirds on the ground, an insurance civil liability for a guaranteed amount of a million CHF at least. It must carry the certificate of this insurance on him lasting the use of the speedflyer.
· the speedflyer must be provided, on the lower face of the airfoils, with a quite visible distinctive mark (figures a 40 cm height), mark which must correspond to the inscription appearing in the certificate of insurance civil liability for the owner of speedflyer (Article 11 has Ordinance on the distinctive marks of aircraft (RS 748.216.1 - [url=http://www.admin.ch/ch/f/rs/748_216_1/index.html]read[/url]).

Rules of traffic and exploitation (Article 8 OACS)
· the take-off and the landings are prohibited on the public roads and on the ski pistes
· the gatherings in the open air, the buildings, the roads public, the ski pistes, the installations of public transport, in particular the railroads, cable cars and ski-lifts, as well as the powerlines or other cables are flown over or circumvented at a sufficient distance.

Code of conduct for pilots
· Pratique only after having received instructions by a qualified person
· Evaluation of pilots own capacities (training step by step)
· Inform the local owners
· Consult the opinions of avalanches
· Eviter the zones of protection of the

Recommandations from the FSVL
· Voler only in the zones delimited for the practice of the speedflying
· Casque/glasses
· Back Protection

For more infos: Swiss federation of coasting flight, Seefeldstrasse 224, 8008 Zurich 044 387 46 80, http://www.shv-fsv.ch, info at shv dot ch