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The Complete Guide to Speed-Flying Parachutes

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 Parachutes suitable for Speed-Flying

Parachutes-de-France - Springo

This parachute was one of the first to be used for Speed-Flying.

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Icarus Canopies - EXTreme FX & VX

It is primarily a Swooping competition wing designed to swoop massive distances and fly at ballistic speeds.

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Performance Designs - Katana

The Katana is a high-performance canopy designed for experienced canopy pilots.

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Performance Designs - Velocity

If long, high speed swoop landings are your thing, the Velocity will really impress you with its ability to turf surf incredible distances.

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Performance Designs - Spire

A very high performance wing designed especially for experts in ground launching or speedriding. This wing is not for the novice pilot.

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Firebird - Demon

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Aerodyne - Amax

The Amax is no longer in production.


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Aerodyne - Mamba

Mamba is one of the most modern & advanced high performance 9 cell elliptical canopies in the world.

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Atair - Competition Cobalt

Ultra high performance canopy designed specifically for competition swooping. The high efficiency wing is optimized for extreme distance. For experienced pilots only.

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Nitro Rigging - Swoopus

Super high performance skydiving main canopy designed for the most experienced canopy pilots. (available April 2008 ?)

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Daedalus - XFS

Upgraded Daedalus Crossfire - High Performance canopy designed specifically for experienced pilots

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