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Up - Xpress



UP Xpress - if your glider were a girl, this one would be one hot little chica...

Maybe your (glider) relationship has been growing a bit stale lately? Maybe you miss the excitement and the thrill of the early days, when you were both younger and the love was hot and ready? If so, maybe you're ready for an Xpress experience... After all, if you don't tell her how will she ever find out?

Go down on a nylon inflatable...

The Xpress is a new kind of wing. Designed with the wing characteristics of yesteryear in mind, but with the most modern technology, she makes any day out into a sizzling new experience. She is small, fast and agile and she rolls so hard you'll be holding on for dear life when you tickle her just right.

With three sizes to choose from there is an Xpress for all sorts. Highly loaded she'll take you for a bronco ride no matter what you serve her, and with less of a load hanging off her you can extend your pleasure almost indefinitely by hitting her with some thermal chemistry every once in a while. She likes to go down, but she'll keep you up too as long as you find the right balance.

She's a versatile little number too - she'll let you have it on crowded beaches or in the solitude of the mountains, and with her nimble size she's great company even while getting up in the first place. Oh, and when you're done just roll her up and stuff her in any old way; nothing there that'll wrinkle or break no matter how you finish it off.

The Xpress in common terms

Are you ready to take your free flying enjoyment to a whole new level? The Xpress is a new kind of wing, its size may lead you to believe it is a speedrider, speedflyer or skydiving canopy. It is not - UP felt it was time for something new! This wing is a unique model filling a new niche in paragliding. The basic design,inspired by the way paragliders were built 20 years ago, combined with 2010 technology, makes the Xpress a super simple glider, allowing you to explore the invisible in lots of new and exciting ways! Soar in higher winds than ever before and experience unprecedented control in crazy rolling manoeuvres above the coasts! As it glides incredibly wellfor its size, the 17.5 will even allow you to thermal if the conditions are right! Unlike speedflyers, the Xpress is optimized for foot launches, and as it packs real small it is also a great option for para-alpinism. So how does flying the Xpress feel? Think of it as flying a regular paraglider with boosted agility, instant handling and higher speeds. Getting down after a long trek up has never been this much fun!

NOTE: The Xpress sizes are recognisable by the colour of their narrow design stripe; small is black, medium is red and large is yellow.






Manufacture Web: Up Paragliders


 Technical Data

Model Xpress 14m² Xpress 15,5m² Xpress 17,5m²
Area (Flat/Projected) 16,5m²/13,9 m² 18,5m²/15,7m² 20,5m²/17,4m²
Wing Span (Flat/Projected) 8,1m/6,5m 8,6m/6,9m 9,1m/7,3m
Chord (max/min) ?m/?m ?m/?m ?m/?m
Aspect Ratio (Flat/Projected) 4,0/3,0
No. of Cells 26
Wing Material  
Weight (kg) 3,5 3,8 4,1
Glide Ratio ?
Trim Speed ~ Top Speed 45km/h ~ 60km/h 43km/h ~ 58km/h 41km/h ~ 56km/h
Recommended Fly weight (kg) 60 75 100


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Up - Xpress

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